Holy Week in Sant’Antìoco

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I just came back from my Holy Week in Sant’Antìoco. It was amazing for the warm and sunny weather, the good food we ate and the solemn processions we followed. Since it took me a while to understand what was going on in town on that week, I decided to sum everything up in a post.

  • Way of the Cross : the Holy Week in Sant’Antìoco starts on Wednesday with the way of the Cross in the area of Bonaria church in Sant’Antìoco village. It starts at dusk and it is very suggestive and peculiar. Christ and all the other characters are played by locals. 
  • Holy Friday painful procession: it starts around 8 o’clock pm from the Basilica of Sant’Antìoco and then it goes down along via Cavour, the waterfront , and then up to piazza Umberto and back to the Basilica. This procession is very touching and all the village follows the dead body of Christ and Our Lady of sorrows.
  • Su incontru- the encounter: Easter morning around 11 a.m. is held the ritual of ” Su Incontru – the encounter”. The Risen Christ and Our Lady meet in Piazza Umberto, followed by a procession of citizens moved, while fireworks are fired into the sky in sign of happiness and joy. ​

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