Su Coccu

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Are you superstitious? Sometimes I am.

We discovered a very interesting object in Sardinia that it is sad to protect from evil eye and negative energies. It is called Su Coccu and it is available in some jewelries in Sant’Antioco.

I was given by my husband on the occasion of Martina’s birth to remove from us the bad influences of people’s rumors.Since then I always carry it with me and it is my dearest lucky charm.Because Su Coccu symbolizes the good eye that saves those who are armed, absorbing negative energies in place of the “watched” person.It has the task of preserving the wearer from envious people. 

Borsa Mercer media rossa

When there are local markets in town during summer, there is always this old lady who sells Su Coccu who tells me hundreds of interesting stories of people whose Su Coccu was broken by Evil Eye and were protected by his bad influence from this black stone. True? False? who knows it…. it is strange but I believe in it and when I wear it I feel much more protected from everything.

And you, had you ever heard of this magic stone? or do you have other objects that you use as lucky charms? share your stories with us!

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