Sardinia’s top 10 beaches

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On such a beautiful sunny day, my mind dreams of Sardinia and its amazing beaches with white sands and turquoise waters. I know it sounds as Caribbean islands and beaches, but Sardinia ones could be even better and certainly closer!
As many of my followers already know, my adventure and love for South Sardinia started about 10 years ago with the discovery of Sant’Antioco island and us buying our little retreat place there (to know more about it, please read Why I started this blog). However, earlier in my childhood I also enjoyed North Sardinia beaches like La Pelosa and Costa Smeralda, the city of Alghero, the coast and the beaches in the Oristano area (northern part of the Campidano plain), the area of Villasimius in South Sardinia, Chia area… Sincerely, I never found an area or a beach I didn’t like in Sardinia. It is all so different and beautiful in its differences. They use to call it “the sardinia mainland” and it is true, it has everything in it.

Let’s rank Sardinia’s top 10 beaches. Browsing the net I discovered that most of touristic destinations websites agree on the best top ten. I stumbled upon Turista Curioso’ Sardinia beaches ranking (post in Italian) where I found beautiful pictures with short and effective descriptions:

  1. Emerald Coast – Pink Beach (Spiaggia Rosa): in the island of Budelli (North Sardinia – part of the uncontaminated marine park of La Maddalena) there’s this particular beach whose waters are nearly pink thanks to coral pieces drifted to the seaside from the coral reef. It is only reachable by boat and it has limited access.

    Sardinian top ten beaches ph: Turista Curioso
  2.  Porto Cervo – the Prince Beach. In the area all the beaches are white sanded and the water cristalline. The Prince Beach is one of the finest coves.      
  3. Caprera Island –  Cala Coticcio: a paradise beach in a paradise island. Ideal for snorkeling and diving

    Sardinia top ten beaches -ph. sky skanner
  4.  La Pelosa, Stintino : a very beautiful beach with fine sand and shallow sea that fades from aquamarine to topaz.  It is presided by a Catalan- Aragonese watchtower. It is very well known and gets full of tourists in high season.

    Sardinia top ten beaches – ph. Turista Curioso
  5.  Castelsardo – Santa Maria Coghinas : at the east end of Gulf of Asinara is Castelsardo and this particular beach. A tongue of sand with two different shores and super clean water (blue flag).

    Sardinia top ten beaches – ph turista curioso
  6. Orosei Gulf- Cala Goloritze: a hidden treasure beach, reachable only by boat or after 2 hours walking.                                                                                          
  7. Orosei Gulf – Cala Mariolu : it is considered the most beautiful beach of the area. White rocks and sand, light blue water.

    Sardinia top 10 beaches – ph. Turista Curioso
  8. Orosei Gulf – Cala Luna: a paradise beach 700 mt long, accessible only from the sea, with beautiful caves to shelter from the sun

    Sardinia top 10 beaches – ph. Turista Curioso
  9. Oasi di Bidderosa: a wild protected oasis accessible only in specific areas. Very quiet with 5 different beautiful beaches.

    Sardinia top ten beaches – ph. turista curioso
  10.  Cala Sisine – Orosei Gulf: close to Baunei you will find this hidden paradise beach.

    Sardinia top ten beaches – ph Turista Curioso

Personally, I would add to the rank 3 more beautiful beaches located in South Sardinia:

  1. Porto Pino – Sant’Anna Arresi (just 30 min far from Sant’Antioco) : a long Caribbean white sandy beach with amazing white dunes. (to know more please read my old post on it)                                                                                                                                                                                
  2. Chia: just one hour drive from Sant’Antioco island. Still wild and uncontaminated, there you’ll find silence, amazing nature and crystalline light blue emerald green sea. Ideal for families (to know more please read my post on it)

3. Coaquaddus beach in Sant’Antioco island: horse tail Caribbean sandy beach, ideal for kids and families. Partly equipped and partly free. To know more please read my post on it.

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And tell me about you: what are your favorite beaches in Sardinia?

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