Sardinia’s top 10 beaches

On such a beautiful sunny day, my mind dreams of Sardinia and its amazing beaches with white sands and turquoise waters. I know it sounds as Caribbean islands and beaches, but Sardinia ones could be even better and certainly closer! As many of my followers already know, my adventure and love for South Sardinia started […]

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#Turri #beach in #santantioco

The Canai tower dominates the Gulf of Palmas, overlooking the coast, the island and the Cow and the Bull islets. Around the Tower and along the road to Capo Sperone there are several small and hidden coves with an emerald green sea sheltered for bathing. One of those is Turri, a beautiful rocky beach. Depending […]

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Porto Pino

      Just a 30 min drive from Sant’Antioco and you arrive in Porto Pino, one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. Even Giorgio Armani came for a visit lately (please forgive this little fashion gossip ;-)) It is a very long sandy Caribbean beach with amazing sandy white dune. There are three […]

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