Sant’Antioco hidden coves: Cala Grotta

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Far away from the throngs of sun worshippers and tourists that clutter the upper reaches of Sardinia, Sant’Antioco offers a haven of peace and tranquillity, with unspoilt sandy beaches, hidden coves and historical towns and villages. If you want to capture a glimpse of the real Sardinia, then here it is! (Sunday World, Secret Sardinia: The Hidden Beaches and Coves on Sant’Antioco Island).

Last summer I happened to visit and enjoy one of those hidden coves, the Cave (Cala Grotta or Cala Tuffi). It is located immediately below the tourist village “The Cyclops”. From Sant’Antioco, follow the Provincial Road 76 to the south, keep right at the fork and proceed straight to the following crossroads, heading for the residence of “the Cyclops”. Once arrived near the residence, turn left as indicated or you can access to Cala Grotta directly from “the Cyclops” even enjoying their beautiful swimming pool.

Cala Grotta is a beautiful rocky inlet with a gigantic cave and a sea of a celestial blue color. The backdrop is very deep and you can also dive into the cave from above (about 15 m). The day I took the pictures here below it was a very windy day and the sea was rough.

cala grottacala grotta

me at Cala Grotta
me at Cala Grotta

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