Holy Week in Sant’Antìoco

I just came back from my Holy Week in Sant’Antìoco. It was amazing for the warm and sunny weather, the good food we ate and the solemn processions we followed. Since it took me a while to understand what was going on in town on that week, I decided to sum everything up in a […]

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Our Easter in Sant’Antìoco 

Tonight we are headed to Sant’Antìoco. We are travelling by ferryboat with our two little kids.  We chose Moby lines because they are designed with all Looney Tunes characters and they have many activities to entertain them on board.  Besides their cabins are very comfortable as we’ll be spending the night on the boat.  You […]

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Sant’Antioco martyr’s summer solemn procession

Every 1st of August is the Sant’Antioco Martyr’s solemn procession. Sant’Antioco is the protector and patron saint of the island of Sardinia and every year he is celebrated twice in the island: fifteen days after Easter and every 1st of August. It is a very suggestive occasion, which involves local people and pilgrims devoted to Sant’Antioco coming from all over the island of Sardinia, wearing their local costumes.

This year was a special procession since Sant’Antioco Martyr’s relics are back to Sant’Antioco after 400 years .

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After 400 years absence, Sant’Antioco’s relics are finally back to the place of its discovery. On the occasion of the “holy extraordinary year”  (18th march 1615 – 18th march 2015 4th centenary of the discovery of the body of Sant’Antioco martyr), people devout to the patron of Sardinia will have the opportunity to worship his recomposed relics in the Basilica of Sant’Antioco. People from all over Sardinia came to follow the solemn procession. Here are some pics for you: enjoy it!








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Sant’Antioco Martyr’s relics back to Sant’Antioco after 400 years

Antiochus of Sulcis ( 95-127 ) was the first Christian martyr in Sardinia and the founder of the first Christian community in Sardinia. He was probably a doctor under the empire of Adriano, working in Cappadocia and Galatia, converting many people to Christianity. For this reason, Antioco was tortured and sentenced to exile in Sardinia, an […]

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