Sant’Antioco goes to EXPO 2015 Milan

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On 18th September Sant’Antioco went to Expo2015 together with other small beautiful islands.

In this video by RaiExpo (in italian), a short resume of how it went there at the Auditorium.

Mario Corongiu, Sant’Antioco’s Mayor, president of the small island committee spoke on behalf of the island and a tasting of some of Sant’Antioco’s excellences was offered to the audience: Sant’Antioco’s tuna fish from Efisio Salis and wine from the famous wine cellar Cantina SardusPater. A bit of this paradise island in Milan!

Here’s the programme of the day at the Auditorium in Expo Milan 2015:

Brochure Evento ANCIM EXPO 2015 (1)


Sant'Antioco tuna fish
Sant’Antioco tuna fish
Sant'Antioco Tuna Fish
Sant’Antioco Tuna Fish

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