The magical fabric known as sea silk featured on BBC

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Do you know that silk comes from the sea and that there is just one person left able to weave it? Maestro Chiara Vigo lives and works in Sant’Antioco and you can meet her at Byssus Museum and discover the magic of this fabric. Enjoy this video featured on BBC, the magical fabric known as sea silk (Release date: 28 Jul 2015  3 minutes)

King Solomon was said to wear a golden tunic, lighter than a feather made of it, and ancient Greeks and Egyptians used to pin a piece of this shining fabric on their robes as a sign of wealth. Chiara Vigo – who lives in a remote village in Sardinia, Italy – still weaves sea silk. It’s made from Byssus – a fine filament produced by large molluscs under the sea. Chiara uses traditional chants to ensure a good harvest. (Photo: Andrea Pasquali)

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