Who is Saint Antiochus martyr?

Antiochus is the saint who gave the name to the island of Sant’Antioco. His story is very interesting. In an historical moment in which the migration of people from our neighboring countries is the daily debate, the figure of the Holy Martyr Sant’Antioco – the saint who came from the sea – is even more relevant. Antiochus, despite the difficulties, […]

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Sant’Antioco’s hidden treasures: is Pirixeddus punic necropolis

On the occasion of the European Heritage Days 2015, the Punic necropolis situated at Is Pirixeddus in Sant’Antioco has been exceptionally re-opened to public, just for a day. Visitors had the chance to visit this amazing beauty (photo credits Carlo Eustacchi) In ’98 there were stability problems and the necropolis has been closed for restoration works […]

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Sant’Antioco goes to EXPO 2015 Milan

On 18th September Sant’Antioco went to Expo2015 together with other small beautiful islands. In this video by RaiExpo (in italian), a short resume of how it went there at the Auditorium. http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-0d9a84b5-32c7-462a-968d-f01864b68ce4.html?iframe Mario Corongiu, Sant’Antioco’s Mayor, president of the small island committee spoke on behalf of the island and a tasting of some of Sant’Antioco’s excellences […]

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