Sant’Antioco’s itinerant art exhibit goes to Nettuno

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There we are, ready for the itinerant art exhibit on Saint Antiochus stop number 3. From 6th-14th February the itinerant contemporary art exhibit will be hosted at Forte Sangallo in Nettuno and open to public. The entrance is free and the art works are very impressive and important. Previously it stopped in Rome and in Guidonia Montecelio.

Why this journey through art and devotion in the name of Saint Antiochus?

In an historical moment in which the migration of people from our neighboring countries is the daily debate, the figure of the Holy Martyr Saint Antiochus – the saint who came from the sea – is even more relevant. Antiochus is the saint who gave the name to the island of Sant’Antioco. Antiochus, despite the difficulties, managed to reach our shores and spread the word of Christ in Sardinia. He founded the first catholic church in Sardinia. He was born nearly 2,000 years ago and he came from a region of North Africa, Mauritania, which today corresponds to the current Morocco/Algeria. At that time it was a Roman province during the reign of Hadrian and Christians were persecuted. Antiochus was a doctor who he believed and professed Christ’s word so he had no choice but to emigrate. He was forced to embark on a journey of luck that brought him into the Sardinian coast. The Emperor Hadrian was not particularly bad, but at that time there were too many riots in North Africa and to quell the riots he decided to put the saint in a boat along with a centurion named Ciriaco and reached Sulcis, a Roman city. Saint Antiochus is a saint that really existed, the only Christian catacombs in Sardinia are his. His fame was such that he was proclaimed patron of Sardinia and to him are ascribed thousands of miracles.

Over the years, the figure of the Saint has changed and has been represented in various ways by different artists. At Forte Sangallo in Nettuno you will have the chance to admire very impressive art works. Roberto Lai, scholar and researcher of the cult of Sant’Antioco, is the ideator and curator of the whole project. Enjoy it!

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