Sant’Antioco’s hidden treasures: is Pirixeddus punic necropolis

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On the occasion of the European Heritage Days 2015, the Punic necropolis situated at Is Pirixeddus in Sant’Antioco has been exceptionally re-opened to public, just for a day.

Visitors had the chance to visit this amazing beauty (photo credits Carlo Eustacchi)

necrpoli necropoli1 necropoli3
In ’98 there were stability problems and the necropolis has been closed for restoration works which are still ongoing.

It is possible to visit every day, contacting the Archeotur  staff, the underground village which is the part of the necropolis reused from 1754 up to the ’60s as a housing area from local inhabitants (to know more about that period, please read my  Open Caves‘ post). gruttas obertas13

It is also possible to visit the archaeological museum, the ethnographic museum and the catacombs which are located under Sant’Antioco’s main church.

IMG_9391 gruttas obertas

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