Open Caves (Gruttas Obertas) in the underground village, Sant’Antioco Island

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Among the necropolis of Punic age in Sardinia, on Sant’Antioco island there is the most important one for the vastness of the funeral plant and for the complexity of the architectural and archaeological remains found in the graves during excavations.

From 1754 to the 60s of the last century, Punic tombs were elected as private homes from several families in the village which for this reason were named “Gruttaius” (caves’ inhabitants).

The underground village is always open for visit during the year. In August there is this amazing event called “gruttas obertas” (open caves) where young actors lead you through the different periods which have marked the history of caves: from Punic tombs to houses.

I might say this event is one of my favorite of the summer, very interesting from an anthropological point of view and well organized. This year was even better because private caves were open to visit.

Please enjoy few pictures I shoot this year. Don’t miss it if you are around!

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